Who Needs Celluwipes?

Why, you do, of course. Germs don’t discriminate – they’re everywhere! From your smartphone to your tablet to your e-reader or gaming controller, Celluwipes safely cleans, with ease, the mobile devices and electronics you use everyday and everywhere.

Keep Your Phone Clean

Reduce the spread of skin irritation, rash, dermatitis, virus and infection caused by the thousands of harmful bacteria, microbes and germs that love to call your cell phone home. The average smartphone can carry up to 25,000 bacteria per square inch! You guessed it – Celluwipes are extremely effective at reducing the spread of germs and annihilating a wide range of bacteria from the mobile devices you depend on.

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  • 10 Wipes
  • Tech-Safe
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Anti-Microbial
  • No Streaking
  • Test item

Hey, you! Yeah, you swiping, liking and double tapping from the toilet. Did you know that germs like Staphylococcus and E. coli are more commonly found on your cell phone screen than the average toilet seat? It’s true. But you can poop and text in peace when you’ve got Celluwipes: the Ever So Handy, Before You Type, One Swipe Screen Wipe.