Your Phone Is Even Grosser Than These 5 Nasty Things

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Kevin Bond May 19, 2016

Many are the germs from across the globe that find their way to your face via your cell phone. They can make you sick but, more often than not, they’ll just give you some bad skin.

I know you use your smart phone on the latrine. We discovered in a recent poll conducted on Celluwipes’ Twitter followers that cell phone use in the bathroom is predominant; 64% of respondents said, “Heck yeah I do it. Erry day!”

Your Smart Phone is Grosser and Potentially More Harmful Than These 5 Nasty, Everyday Things

According to an informative Mashable video out in 2013 (surprise, the stats haven’t changed!), these 5 things are still less potentially harmful to your health than your cell phone.

Your cell phone is home to, on average, 25,107 bacteria per square inch. But what about…

1. Toilet Seat

Go figure! But it’s true. A toilet seat holds less bacteria than your phone: 1,201 bacteria per square inch.

2. Kitchen Counter

That place you prepare chicken and and other raw foods: 1,736 bacteria per square inch.

3. Pet Food Bowl

Hey, your dogs mouth isn’t really as gross as you thought, but neither is her food bowl: 229 bacteria per square inch

4. Checkout Counter

All day, all sorts of food products roll over that counter. And many people touch the credit card keypad: 4,500 bacteria per square inch.

5. Doorknob

Bathroom doorknob after all those folks that don’t wash their hands, kids with sticky fingers, public doors of all kinds. Still less bacteria than your phone: 8,643 bacteria per square inch.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Phone Clean

There’s a simple solution: clean your phone. And it’s easy with tech safe cleaning wipes. A lot of people I talk to, once they find out how gross their phones can become — and not to mention that they carry Staph germs and E. Coli to your face and mouth! — say they find it somewhat unbearable to go a week without sanitizing their phone.

Don’t just take it from me. One dermatologist says your cell phone is more dangerous than you think:

“They’re more dangerous than you think,” Dr. Stanko said. “When someone talks on their cellphones, it’s occluding their face. All that bacteria is getting onto their skin surface. Staph and strep are the two most common. So those bacteria, you know, maybe people have heard of MRSA and they get scared about that.”

And in a recent article from Tech Insider Dr. Gilbert warns acne is lurking right on the surface of your favorite device: “Our smartphones are a really big source of skin contamination, and they’re a source of skin problems, namely acne.”


Give it a shot. Pick up a pack of Celluwipes on Amazon. Or a box. Or a lifetime of boxes. Just clean your dang cell phone, arright?

Hey. And by the way. They’re #WipeWizardApproved.


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