Cell Phone Cleaning Top 10 Benefits:

  • Removes Bacteria, Germs, viral organisms
  • Helps stop the spread of germs that cause the Common Cold and the Flu.
  • Stop skin irritations, dermatitis, rashes
  • Safe for electronic devices
  • Won’t scratch or streak
  • Keeps your mobile devices clean and fresh
  • Affordable & Inexpensively priced
  • Compact – easy to take with you
  • Keeps you feeling good
  • Now you know how to clean your cell phone the Celluwipes way

Who needs Celluwipes?

Anyone with a cell phone, PDA, MP3s, smart phones, digital cameras, or handheld gaming device. Germs don’t discriminate – they’re everywhere! Cleaning your mobile device has never been easier than with Celluwipes. Prevent the spread of skin irritations, dermatitis, rashes, viruses, and infections caused by the thousands of microscopic bacteria living on your mobile device right now!

How often should I clean my cell phone?

The more you use your mobile device, the more germs it comes in contact with; therefore, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Be sure to wipe your phone after visiting the doctor or hospital, letting others borrow it, using it while sick or around others who are sick, dropping it in an unsanitary place, or if it just looks dirty. Celluwipes will wipe away germs and grime in any situation!

Can’t I use any moist wipe to clean my cell phone?

NO! Other wipes not made specifically for mobile devices may damage your expensive handheld electronics. Cleaning cloths made for other uses may scratch, over-saturate, streak, and leave a filmy residue. Don’t leave your communication to chance – use Celluwipes for a clean, clear connection, while reducing the spread of germs.

Where can I find Celluwipes?

Ordering Celluwipes couldn’t be easier! For your convenience, Celluwipes are available online. Click here for fast, secure checkout. Or call 866-97-WIPES (866-979-4737) for bulk orders and info on how to stock Celluwipes in your store!